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Developing and delivering training for personal safety, travel security and hostile environment management has been one of our core areas of business for nearly ten years. Based on this expertise and experience, we have generic training material in place which can be tailored and modified based on cultural, geographic or any other specific requirements. Our philosophy is to provide outcomes based security training which is includes both theoretical and practical training components. Our international training footprint, and the international expertise of our team, also enables us to effectively meet our clients' needs. Dynamic Alternatives has designed, developed and presented modular security training and educational programs that meet relevant jurisdictional requirements on topics such as:

  • Security awareness & crime avoidance
  • Self defence
  • Travel security
  • Expat familiarisation programmes
  • Hostage/kidnap survival
  • Bomb & IED awareness
  • Defensive driving
  • Firearm skills
  • Armed robbery management and ATM crime avoidance
  • Rape prevention & women's self defence
  • Hijack / Car Jack avoidance & management
  • Pepper spray use and demonstration
  • Conflict management and communication skills

We are also able to offer tailor made hostile environment training courses which include cultural and geopolitical specifications based on the locations that clients need to deploy their staff.

With more than a decade of successful operations we have trained more than 25,000 people from government departments, blue chip corporations and small companies in at least one of the above modules. We have also been credited many times for helping attendees avoid criminal attack and manage security situations/incidents.

Corporate and Civilian TrainingThe aim of our corporate and civilian training is to introduce participants to the realities of violence and crime. Once acclimatisation has occurred DA will provide the mental tools and understanding required to enable them to proactively identify, avoid, and manage almost any situation.

The practical courses will teach participants the physical aspects of self-defence, including aspects such as the use of natural body weapons, redirection of energy, use of improvised weaponry and numerous other applicable subjects. This is achieved utilising an outcomes based approach to training.

DAs focuses on creating courses to meet our Client's specific and individual requirements. Trends are constantly monitored to ensure that the most current, practical, and relevant training is presented.

Corporate and Civilian TrainingMany of the courses are available in various formats and durations covering the subject matter at levels ranging from introductory/overview to detailed competency.

It should be noted that best results are achieved within the standard formats provided. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 participants for practical courses ensure best results for all participants. For lecture based and theory courses, larger groups can be accommodated.


Benefits of our training:

  • Enhanced safety and security for all
  • Increased productivity (risk of employees becoming victims of violent crime is minimised)
  • Compliance with Workplace health and safety best practice
  • Enabling employees to cope with any trauma resulting from violent crime
  • Minimises the possibility of litigation with employees who are exposed to crime either directly or indirectly due to work responsibilities
  • Where company fleet cars are utilized potential damage and theft will be minimised
  • Minimised potential loss of information and equipment as a by-product of crime
  • Employees feel that the company cares about their safety and thereby indirectly increasing loyalty
  • Team building takes place as an added bonus during training
  • Minimises the chances of serious injury to employees and customers
  • Provides a framework for policies & procedures in the event of an emergency


Dynamic Alternatives (DAS)
have trained over 35 000 people Internationally
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Advanced Combat Training Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) ASP International BLP British City and Guilds
International Firearms Training Academy (IFTA) PSIRA Queensland Private Security Industry Registry department of Fair Trading SAPS CFR SASSETA
The University of South Africa ICTS Europe Systems Truscott Eagle American Security Drilling Skills

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