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We offer a comprehensive security consultancy services to assist your school in ensuring that your security budget is spent in such a manner that it ensures the best value for money and will actually make a difference. The fact that we do not provide the final services ourselves means that we are able to give you an unbiased opinion. We offer:

  • Consultancy and advisory service
  • Sourcing and provider vetting
  • Security Service provider management
  • Coordination and project management


TRAINING Programs for children and teenagers

Dynamic Alternatives School Safety training is a flexible, relevant multifaceted program, effective in reducing bullying and increasing pro – social behaviour as a result of many small moves, not just a once approach. The core can be adapted to suit the conditions and unique situations of each particular school. Encompassing a review of school and classroom practices that help with both the prevention of school bullying and its management. It is well publicised that bullying problems extend far beyond the individual students involved in bullying to include their peers, their parents and the broader community. This is where the School Safety Services program differs from those already tried and found lacking. Our comprehensive approach is aimed at effecting positive behavioural changes both in and out of the classroom.

Children's Training OptionsChildren's training options:

Module 1: KIDSAFE

Module 2: KIDSAFE Self-defence




Module 6: Strong minds

Teens, teachers and parents:

Module 1: Security Awareness

Module 2: Introduction to self defence

Module 3: Improved communication skills

Module 4: Conflict Management


Benefits of our TrainingBenefits of our training

  • Reduces incidents of bullying
  • Enhance safety on the internet and when using mobile devices
  • Enhances safety of students in and out of school
  • Enhances safety of teachers in and out of school
  • Helps to create a safer more productive school environment
  • Helps to make Australia a safer place for all
  • Teaches invaluable life skills that benefit all
  • Shows that the school really cares about staff and students well-being


Dynamic Alternatives (DAS)
have trained over 35 000 people Internationally
DA Group Training

Corporate Social Responsibility

TAFDynamic Alternatives actively supports and donates time and resources to the Take Action Foundation. read more

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Accreditations and Strategic Partners

Advanced Combat Training Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) ASP International BLP British City and Guilds
International Firearms Training Academy (IFTA) PSIRA Queensland Private Security Industry Registry department of Fair Trading SAPS CFR SASSETA
The University of South Africa ICTS Europe Systems Truscott Eagle American Security Drilling Skills

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